Our Junior Year students recently competed in a Junior Triathlon, taking part in teams of three to run 1.8km; swim 150m; or cycle 3km in order to raise funds for the Trinity Malawi Project. We have been thrilled with the generous donations so far, having raised close to £2000 already.

Every £12 raised is enough to sponsor a child at Chipwepwete for a free school lunch for a whole year. This is our longstanding commitment to the school which we honour every year.

On top of this, funds contribute towards our other projects. For instance, there are only two on-site houses for teachers at the school, and most teaching staff take about two hours to walk to school every day. We are working with Hope4Malawi to address this problem and we hope to raise enough funds to provide bicycles for teachers to travel to school more easily.

A lack of toilet facilities in rural Malawi also remains an issue, and £500 could pay for a block of two new toilets. More information and the link to donate can be found here.

“Having not been at Trinity for a while, it struck me once again how friendly and encouraging Trinity staff are to students,” said Sara Goodman, Trustee of Hope4Malawi. “The impact that Trinity has on our work in Malawi is huge. Thank you all for what you do and the time you give to the Trinity Malawi Project. It’s incredible what you have achieved and we are most grateful.”

Miss Justin, Head of Junior Year, added: “The Junior Year triathlon event was a huge success and something the boys should feel incredibly proud of. Not only did they help raise a significant amount of money that is going to help fund much needed projects for Chipwepwete school, but they really pushed themselves physically to complete their leg of the race. It was a tough challenge but they took it on with energy and positivity and everyone had a great afternoon.”

Thank you so much to those who have contributed so generously. For those who wish to, there is still time!







“Thanks, everybody, for organising such a successful triathlon which the boys seemed to thoroughly enjoy - and for once again raising significant funds for Chipwepwete.”

Sara Goodman, Trustee of Hope4Malawi


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