Third Year students Johnny Wilkie and Caleb Thompson have been invited to play in their first representational Golf tournaments, at Shirley Golf Club, despite only having been playing the sport for six months.

Mr Kench, Director of Sport, comments: “This remarkable progression in the sport has come through fantastic commitment to Mr O’Connor’s weekly golf sessions.”

Mr O’Connor, Sports Coach, adds: “These two Third Year students have progressed from beginners to two of the most advanced golfers at Trinity – providing inspiration and a benchmark to those around them. Their golfing prowess is now matched by a mature comprehension of the game, leaving me with no doubt that they will excel in the upcoming competitions at Shirley Park.”

Well done and good luck to these boys, and massive thanks to Mr O’Connor.


“The progression shown from both Johnny and Caleb over the past six months has been astounding.”

Mr O Connor, Sports Coach

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