During Field Day in September, volunteers from the Good Lad Initiative visited Third Year boys as part of their Personal Development programme and wider social development.

The day was all about challenging their own preconceptions on what it means to be a man, as well as stereotypes on sexuality, mental health and what it means to be a woman.

Our students were given a platform to speak openly, and non-judgmentally, about their own personal views on how they felt about the pressures to act or communicate in a certain way, which made for an extremely enlightening and supportive atmosphere from start to finish. The session was extremely beneficial for students, and the Good Lad facilitators commented on the respectful and reflective mood students portrayed. Some quotes from the boys include;

“James and David (the volunteers) helped us understand inequality in the world, and the stereotypes that seek to define who we are sometimes.”

 “It was fun and informative, but also necessary for many of the students, including me. I really enjoyed it, and liked how they were sensitive to all our views.”

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