The highly anticipated return to school has seen the resumption of the rejuvenated Trinity Golf academy, which consists of U11, U12, U13 and U14 students attending weekly morning sessions.

The U11 cohort has shown a sensational improvement in their understanding of the golf swing and its mechanics– something that was catalysed through the remote golf sessions during lockdown. A special mention from our new Head of Golf, Jamie O’Connor, for Junior Year student, James Smith, who has demonstrated outstanding progression, leading to the acquisition of a golf swing that would make anyone envious!

In First Year, Conor Woodman and Aidan Birmingham have continued to catch the eye. Their ball striking ability continues to stretch the boundaries of the 120 yard-long ‘driving range’…

The U13 cohort has also continued its new-found love for the game. Oli Haydon and Johnny Wilkie receive special mentions. “Both possess a fantastic comprehension of their own golf swings, demonstrating the ability to feel exactly where the club is at all times,” says Mr Kench, Director of Sport.

Finally, the U14s have provided the biggest transformation in golfing prowess over the past year. All first-time golfers initially, they have progressed to the stage where shot shaping and shot selection can now be discussed. Jake Collier is the perfect example of this outstanding progression and provides a fantastic benchmark for others to strive towards.

“We are excited to broaden the provision of our programme to local golf courses."

Mr Kench, Director of Sport

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