Fifth Year Geography students enjoyed a day of bracing sea air at Cuckmere and Seaford recently. It was great to extend their learning of natural landscapes outside of the classroom.

Mr Ruck, Head of Geography, explains: “For an island nation with an approximate coastline length of 11,072.76 miles, it would be a thing akin to scandal should we not pay at least some of it a visit. Whizzing down to the south coast we arrived at Cuckmere Haven where we engaged in activities to measure beach profiles, investigating the extent to which the beach had been affected by natural processes, and furthered our understanding of salt marsh formation. We headed home pleased to have furthered our understanding of how the coastal processes affect this sceptered isle.”

There was also a fantastic turnout at Junior and First Year Geog Soc, held during lunchtime break. JBugs took part in a Glo-bingo (global bingo) challenge, requiring them to draw upon as many weird and wonderful capital cities of the world as they could recall.

Miss Webber explains: “With this game, they were able to showcase their wider general knowledge along with some fantastically niche knowledge – for example did you know that Flying Fish Cove is the capital of Christmas Island?”

Well done to the winners, Charlie Goodbody and Benjy Gilbert in JP!

Meanwhile, First Year students undertook a project exploring cloud types – a great extension from their current unit of study: Weather. They used cotton wool to replicate the many different cloud types and created some wonderful posters.


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