We recently received the results of the latest UKMT competition aimed at Mathematicians in the Sixth Form.

The UKMT is a charity – The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust – founded in 1996 to help with the education of children in Mathematics in the UK. Its Senior Maths Challenge is designed to encourage mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using mathematical techniques to solve problems.

Mr Patel says: “I am pleased to say that from the 81 entrants – including students in the Fourth and Fifth Years – Trinity achieved 18 Gold, 30 Silver and 25 Bronze awards.

“All those who received a Gold award go through to the Senior Kangaroo or the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 (BMO1).

“A special mention must go to Varun Ravikumar in the Upper Sixth Form for achieving the highest mark in the school and securing a spot in the BMO1. To put his result into context, only the top 1000 students from the Senior Mathematical Challenge are invited to take part in this prestigious event.

“It was also very pleasing to see one of our Fourth Year students, Finlay Evans, achieve a Gold award and secure his place in the Senior Kangaroo round.”





“We wish all the qualifying students the very best and look forward to their receiving more news about their success.”

Mr Patel

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