Students were busy working in the DT department during Field Days recently, creating large plywood letters for The Orpheus Centre Trust that the specialist college could use at various events.

For instance, during the Summer, The Orpheus Centre hosted a music festival which featured a local band based in Shirley called The B-Movie Creatures.

The Orpheus Centre Trust is an independent specialist college in Surrey that increases the confidence and skills of young disabled adults through the performing arts. It aims to equip young disabled people with the skills and confidence they need in order to live independent and fulfilling lives and uses the performing arts as a springboard to empower young adults with disabilities by developing communication, social interaction and other independence skills.

Well done to all those involved!


At Trinity, we believe that by playing an active role in the community, students are prepared to make a meaningful contribution to whichever field they enter when they leave us. During our Field Days, students challenge themselves in practical ways and develop a sense of service.

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