Our Fourth Years recently took part in a Social Enterprise Workshop which was a huge success.

The School for Social Enterprises usually work with undergraduates and business professionals and were blown away by the inventiveness, creativity and complexity of the ideas that the students came up with.

Six leading social entrepreneurs helped facilitate the day and the students were split into four categories: social cohesion, homelessness, mental health and the environment. The runners-up were Lukas Cobb, Cai Edwards, Haydn Jones, Krish Oza, Krishan Shah, Raul Unnithan (all form 5F). Their idea, ‘A New Home’, was to temporarily shelter homeless people in empty hotel rooms, and train them to work at the hotel as chefs, porters and cleaners, building their skills and employment opportunities.

The winners were Daniel Westwood, Benjamin Pickup, Kai Cumberbatch, Alexander Szczepaniak, Jake Griggs, Conor Holland (all form 5S). Their idea, ‘Old Friends’, was to provide housing for refugees by having them move in with lonely and vulnerable elderly people to help with their care.

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