After a Covid-induced hiatus, we returned to the Hans Woyda team Mathematics competition recently, playing our first match of the season against Caterham School on Friday night.

Hans Woyda is a challenging Mathematics competition in which each team consists of four players: One from Years 7-9, one from Years 10-11, one in Year 12 and one in Year 13.

Students compete both individually and in teams – answering questions on geometry, algebra, calculus and mental arithmetic.

Mr Barlow reports back from the event: “The mixed-age team of Varun Ravikumar (U6), James Burn (L6), Zain Lam (5th Form ) and Joshua Oyabayo (3rd Form) played very well, despite being starved of our usual intense training this year.

“At the half-time mark, Trinity were two points behind and they had faced some devastatingly quick and accurate work from the opposition in the individual rounds. The team round followed, and strong leadership from Varun helped our team to marshal their efforts well and pull into a 1-point lead overall. After that it was one of the closest matches we have ever fought, with the two teams taking turns to inch ahead of each other. Just a minute before the final whistle, Caterham took a two-point lead.

“We returned to school determined to find opportunities to prepare for the next matches and to make the most these four, very promising mathematicians!”

Well done to Varun, James, Zain and Joshua for a fantastic effort.


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