First Year students tackled a tongue twister challenge as part of their ongoing interform competition.

Students took on the funny tongue twisters in German, French, Chinese and Spanish, with a winner for each category. There also a winner for best multilingual entry.

  • German – “Snails are appalled when they lick snails because, to the horror of many snails snails, don’t taste good”. 

Winner – Dihain 1H

  • Spanish – “Three sad tigers were eating wheat in a wheat field. From three sad containers three tigers were eating wheat”.

Winner – Euan 1C

  • French – “Are the archduchess’s socks dry, or extra dry?” 

Winner Josh 1H

  • Chinese – “4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40”.

Winner – Nathaniel 1B

  • Best multilingual entry – Daniil 1B

Mr Benjamin, who organised the competition, was very impressed with all the entries. He said: “All the students pushed their linguistic skills to the limit, combining their articulation skills with brilliant creativity. Their passion for languages really shone through in a series of accomplished performances – well done, all!” 

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