Our first year science students demonstrated their creative talents at our annual cell model competition.

With a startling array of stunning, innovative and beautiful models, students exhibited work across a range of cells including red blood cells, plant root hair cells and even a bacteria cell.

The models were judged on the level of ingenuity, the detail in the information and labelling, and the appearance and accuracy of the design.

It was clear they had all invested a considerable amount of time and effort into their creations. The entries included models that that lit up, a movable sperm model, and several edible cake-based models.

Special mention must go to the first ever entry of a giant cookie cell, and a pizza model that had the advantage of smelling enticing, as well as looking good!

The winners were:
First – Bryn Moore
Second  – Mack Rainsford
Third place – Lukas England

Highly commended:
1B: Suhaan Verma
1C: Oscar Barritt
1H: Daniel Asanbe, Bryn Moore, Elliot Secord, Lukas England, Dihain Mallikarachchi
1J: Morgan Atkinson
1L: Jacob Hauntstetter, Roman Coates
1P: Mack Rainsford, Theo Chapman

Bryn Moore’s exceptional model of a nerve cell, complete with labelling that would not look out of place in a University science lab, was the stand out model of an exceptional set.

Congratulations to all!

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