First Year students practiced their artistic and construction skills, as part of their interform competition.

Their first challenge was to design a Pokémon card, either on paper or using a computer. The entries had to be of their own creation and not a copy of an existing one.

Their second challenge was to build the tallest playing card tower possible.

Students could enter one, both or none of the challenges, and the top entries will contribute  towards their interform race, which is taking place throughout the academic year.

The top entries for the Pokémon competition are:
1st: Logan
2nd: Max
3rd: Ollie
4th: Bryn & Mack
5th: Tobechi
6th: Suhaan, Mattia and Abdul

The top entries for the card tower competition are:
1st: Caleb Thompson
2nd: Dihain
3rd: Zac , Adam and Sam
4th: Harry
5th: Duncan
6th: Theo

Forms 1J, 1C and 1L are currently leading the competition and we are looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Well done to all!

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