Fifth Year students have been creating lockdown PE sessions for primary school children – covering everything from football to hockey, basketball skills to mindfulness, and even live workouts.

George Lawrence Green, who delivered a home workout, explains: “My session was about providing young children with a form of exercise in minimal space. I prepared a short HIIT (High intensity interval training) and bodyweight strength circuit with the addition of household objects to provide some resistance.

“I am looking forward to producing a skills session, although I would also like to do an adapted HIIT and strength session as I think I could make it even better,” he adds.

Arun Pillai, who ran a session on basketball skills alongside Jaime Howard-Calle, says: “We’re looking forward to making more sessions on other aspects of the sport later this term such as passing, game awareness and dribbling.”

Jaime adds: “ We both really enjoy watching and playing basketball and had previously learnt a lot from our leadership sessions, such as simplifying and making sessions exciting to engage the audience, which really helped.”

Aarav Ganguli also delivered a fantastic mindfulness session. He explains: “Previously I have used Mindfulness to help clear my mind and ease stress, and so it was exciting for me to reverse the roles and be at the delivering, instead of receiving end. In my next session, I hope to explore in more depth the connection between body and mind.”

You can enjoy some of the boys’ creations here and here.


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