Second Year German students put their culinary skills to the test this week with an annual Christmas baking event.

Using dough prepared by the kitchen, students rolled and cut out their Ausstecherle into festive shapes, while listening to Christmas songs. Once baked, they were able to ice them with toppings of their choice and take them home to share with their families.

Ausstecherle is the name of German Christmas cookies. It means ‘little cut outs’ which pertainsto the process of making the sweet treats.

Mr Benjamin, Head of German, says: “It was great to see the event running again this year – and being able to provide a bit of festive cheer as term draws to a close.

“There were also some seriously impressive decorating skills. There’d no doubt have been a Hollywood handshake or two if they’d have produced these in the Bake Off tent!”

The students clearly had a really good time and took pride in their efforts. Daniil said, “It was great fun. The biscuits were very tasty!”

Nathaniel agreed, “I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the chance to do some baking.”

Yet Mattia added, “I ate all the biscuits I made by myself.”

Perhaps some enjoyed it a little too much?



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