Huge thanks once again to our speakers at this week’s Facets of Science event.

Dr Vishal Jayakar, an NHS consultant in Haematology-Oncology, spoke about the cutting edge of cancer treatment while Prof Francisco Diego, a Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL, Vice President of the Association for Astronomy Education and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, gave a whistle-stop tour of the 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang; reflecting on the unique miracle that is Earth.

Dr Vayakar referenced two papers, which can be accessed here and here, and a gene editing tool called CRISP-R. This podcast gives a really good overview of this technology, for those who had their curiosity piqued.

And the concepts out lined in Prof Francisco Diego’s talk are explain in these podcasts, here, here and here, that Miss Manisier, STEM Engagement Coordinator has sourced. There is also one from The Guardian.






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