Teacher and Parent Forum: Understanding Andrew Tate and Online Misogynists (virtual)

18 January 2023, 6.00 - 8.00pm

Teacher and Parent Forum: Understanding Andrew Tate and Online Misogynists (virtual)

You may have been reading, with some concern, about the pernicious impact that ‘influencers’ like Andrew Tate seem to be having on the attitudes and values of young people, particularly younger teenage boys. Teachers at schools across the country, including Trinity, have raised concerns about this too.

Over the last 5 years or so we’ve been working with an organisation called ‘Beyond Equality’, previously known as ‘The Great Men Project’. They run sessions for our 3rd Year students on topics including gender stereotypes and masculinities; inclusion and allyship; consent and healthy relationships. These give our students a chance to explore who they would like to be outside of negative peer pressure and we have found the organisation to be a useful source of advice and expertise on these and related matters.

Last term, Sara Ward contacted ‘Beyond Equality’ to see whether they could provide some expert advice on how to tackle the negative impact of Andrew Tate, and others like him, and suggested that schools need support with this issue. One of the difficulties we’ve found is that the disapproval of teachers only seems to enhance his appeal and thus his message. We are delighted to say that they are now offering this support. Please find below information about a free Teacher and Parent Forum on this topic  on Wednesday 18th January, run by Beyond Equality.

Members of Trinity staff will be attending this to develop our expertise in supporting young people in this area, but I wanted to advertise it to you as well. Please follow this link for further information including how to book a place:

We  hope that it will be a helpful and informative session.


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