Parent Seminar: Developing self-reflection and independence in children (virtual)

17 November 6.30 - 8.00pm

Developing self-reflection and independence in children (virtual)

Since 2015, members of the Trinity community have received coaching training from Graydin whose coaching model is especially tailored to schools to help nurture students’ capacity to be resilient, self-sufficient, mindful and adaptable.  More information about the organisation can be found here

As our young people grow up, they take on increasing responsibility for managing their time, their activities and their action.   Learning how to do this can be challenging and it can be hard, as adults, to avoid stepping in when we can see things aren’t happening as effectively or efficiently as they could be!  We will look at using coaching conversations as a tool for supporting the development of planning and execution skills, while encouraging a spirit of independence and flexibility.  This session will be delivered virtually in  a relaxed workshop format.   The link to join will be sent on Tuesday 16th November.


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