This week we welcomed back Digital Awareness UK (DAUK), who spoke with parents and students about online safety.

DAUK are a leading digital well being organisation. They led workshops with our Second Year students to promote positive tech habits, including helping manage screen time; building a positive online footprint, and exploring the consequences of sharing content on social media.

Second Year student, Ansh Shetty, said: “The talk was completely different to what I was expecting. I learnt ways to reduce the time I spend on my phone, such as using the do not disturb feature, using airplane mode to cut off any temptation to use my phone, and using the internet for productive work, rather than just watching YouTube videos. I was also made more aware of how I was using WhatsApp. It was a really inspiring talk that I enjoyed very much.”

Parents are advised to follow up with our students by speaking to them about how easy it is to lose control of what they share online, and encouraging good tech habits at home, such as keeping phones out of bedrooms and having tech-free meal times.

The Digital Parenting presentation is available to view online and Charlotte, the workshop leader, would welcome feedback on the session.

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