Following a recent staff and student vote, and interviews, we were delighted to appoint Aarav Ganguli and Izzy Crispin as our Heads of School for 2022-23, alongside Rohan Lall as Deputy Head of School.

Congratulations also to our Senior Prefect team: Roma Matebalavu, Abbie Daly, Eliza Farrar and Ollie Bailey. We look forward to their leadership of the student body through the next academic year.

Aarav comments: “I was thrilled to be appointed Head of School alongside Izzy and Rohan and am really looking forward to working with them alongside the whole prefect team in the upcoming year. In my role, I hope to enhance the sense of community within the school.”

Izzy said: “I look forward to working with the wider Trinity community and giving each year group a voice; listening to their views and opinions on issues important to them and then trying to implement those new ideas or make changes.”

Rohan adds: “I really like the friendly atmosphere around Trinity; it has always felt very inclusive and there is a welcoming feeling everywhere. I am looking forward to working with the senior prefect team to discuss ideas about bringing together all the different year groups to enhance the community feeling.”


“I hope I can continue making Trinity an inclusive and welcoming environment and inform prospective students and their parents about how Trinity supports each student whilst challenging and helping them to grow.”

Izzy Crispin

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