The much-anticipated Trinity staff vs students Netball match took place during lunch this week, and the staff had something to prove after losing to the girls last year 26-20. 

It is always a highly competitive affair, drawing crowds of spectators from across school to watch Mr Kennedy reprise his role in Centre position, but it was all very good spirited. 

The match was fast and furious, and the teams were fairly evenly matched, with staff height advantage and enthusiasm once against pitted against a focused and cohesive student team. The girls gained ground initially, and were ahead at half time, but an influx of fresh legs and goal-scoring skills in the staff team put the pressure back on. 

The staff found their groove and there was a lot more teamwork than in previous years; the combination of Mr Kennedy, Mr Wilson and Mr O’Connor saw a quick succession of goals that lead to the eventual victory of the staff, 17-16. A final chance for the girls to draw in the last few seconds of the game was not to be.

Ms Herdman, Captain of the staff team, said, “It is always an entertaining match when staff play against the girls’ team, it shows the sense of community and shared enjoyment of sport within Trinity. A range of skills were shown across the court and some very competitive staff who are happy to come away with the win!”   

Congratulations to all involved on a brilliant staff vs student match, and thanks to all spectators for coming along to support the teams. 

 Staff team 

  • Mrs Baulf 
  • Mr Bond  
  • Ms Boorman  
  • Miss Goddard  
  • Mrs Hayler  
  • Ms Herdman  
  • Mr Hooper  
  • Mr Jarrold  
  • Mr Kennedy  
  • Ms Long  
  • Mr O’Connor 
  • Mrs C-J Wilkinson  
  • Mr Wilson  

 Student team 

  • Lauren Baldwin 
  • Pippa Carver  
  • Millie Danaher  
  • Hannah Karpal 
  • Maya Malhotra 
  • Emily Tabraham  
  • Kayla Victor  
  • Yasmin Williams  

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