Classics Society recently welcomed five alumni who visited the school to share the inside scoop on life at university.

They included Maya Weekley, Sally Edser and Lucas Ferrar from the University of Cambridge; Luca Wade from University College London; and Christy Clancy from Edinburgh University.

They all shared their experiences of what studying Classical degrees at university is like – from the sorts of topics they cover (ranging from linguistics, to archaeology, to Greek and Latin, to literature, to philosophy) to what their average weeks look like.

They also gave students practical tips on choosing accommodation, budgeting and cooking – as well as pearls of wisdom they would have told their Lower Sixth Form selves if they had had the chance.

Trinity students who attended were in the Fourth Year and above, and found the advice offered immensely helpful as they look towards their own futures.

Many thanks to Maya, Sally, Lucas, Luca and Christy!




“It was lovely for the Classics Department to catch up with the alumni and see them doing so well in their next chapters.”

Miss Van Dal, Head of Classics

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