Congratulations to all First-Year students who put a lot of effort into creating their individual models of a cell for this year’s Junior Science Cell Model Competition. 

The annual competition challenges students to create a model of any cell type, using any material they wish although perishables are discouraged, and accurate annotations encouraged.  

As always, the standard was very high and there were some strong entries submitted with plenty of creativity, superb detail and very high-level scientific information. The models were displayed in the Junior Science department and judged just before half term. 

This year’s entries included edible models, cell models with lights, a Minecraft model, a model involving rugby balls, a moving PowerPoint model, clay models and beautifully crafted models using 100% recycled materials. 

A total of 12 students were highly commended and will receive a certificate and points towards the First Year interform competitions. These students included: Micah Spero, Raaj Mathur, Ned Copsey, Ben Sherrell, Sidney Schendel, Sekeesh Mahen, Tristan Allen, Ansh Chandarana, James Pomery, Charlie Dadds and Josh Kessler. Many congratulations to them. 

Mr Moralee, Head of Biology, was this year’s judge and after much deliberation chose the top three models of this year’s competition. Each winning student will receive a prize and points for their form. The winning cells belonged to:  

  • 1st place: Jamie Hung, who had produced a beautiful foam clay nerve cell with accurate and high-level scientific information. 
  • 2nd place: Sachin Vijayanand whose stunning red blood cell really stood out with its well painted background. 
  • 3rd place: Joshie Philips whose large and simple model sperm cell had very detailed labelling.    

Well done to all who took part, especially the winners and highly commended students. 

The Junior Science department has even requested that some of the models stay in school to be used for display purposes. 

For last year’s winners please see here. 


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