This week we welcomed back Nobel Peace Prize winner Benny Dembitzer to speak to our students.

Benny, author of ‘The Famine Next Door’, spoke to our Malawi team, and our economics and geography students, about the challenges facing Malawi’s development in the wake of the recent cyclone.

Benny studied under renowned economist Amartya Sen at Cambridge and, for the last 50 years, has worked in 35 countries across Africa focusing on grass roots agriculture.

He was a member of the team awarded the peace prize in 1985 and one for the fathers of ‘Fairtrade’.

Benny drew on his experience to bring to life the impact of climate change, structural weaknesses, difficulties with governance and the challenges of aid vs development on a global stage.

Students left the talk with much to think about for how best development can proceed in the future.

Fundraising in wake of cyclone Idai

Following on from our update last week we will be running two staff vs student netball matches at lunchtime, as well as hockey after school, on Wednesday 3 April to raise money for the DEC coordinated response to the disaster.

We are also supporting an appeal through Hope4Malawi to look after water supplies in the local area, including 80 recently damaged water points. Longer term we would love see a permanent bridge built across this river to make travel to school safe. Donations can be made to the relief and rebuilding effort. All donations to the relief and rebuilding efforts are greatly appreciated.


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