It was honour and delight to have author Nick Bowling, who was also a former teacher at Trinity visit us this week. Nick is the writer of Witchborn, which is shortlisted in the Trinity Schools Book Award for 2019.

Witchborn is set in 16th Century England, rife with the phobia of witches, and a plot of overthrow Elizabeth I.  Nick addressed a full audience of Junior and First Years and explained some of the symptoms of witches in your community – failed harvest, feeling fed up, bloating and sour milk.  Nick carried out tests used at the Witch trials, to rout out the witch, some of the examinations included a hanging sieve from shears which spun while shouting in the witches name, water moving in a bucket of water and how many Bibles the witch weighed.

Waterstones supported the event selling 38 books which Nick signed for students.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success.

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