Trinity embarked on an exhilarating ski adventure to Austria’s Zel Am See and Kaprun just before Christmas, with a group of enthusiastic student skiers from across the school joining an equally enthusiastic staff team. 

Miss Webber, Head of Upper Sixth who attended the trip, describes the ‘pristine conditions of fresh snowfall and endless blue skies which made it an unforgettable trip for all’: 

The progress among all our skiers was remarkable: our beginners pushed their boundaries, culminating the week by fearlessly tackling red runs, a testament to their dedication and growth. Meanwhile, our advanced skiers embraced the challenges of deep trail snow.  

“Beyond the slopes, our activities were just as vibrant! From ice-skating to traditional Austrian skittles and swimming, students certainly made the most of their time. Throughout the trip, the students were incredible company, showcasing camaraderie, support, and an unwavering enthusiasm that truly made the experience exceptional!” 

Third Year student Guru said, “I ski at an intermediate level, and I thought the trip was brilliant. I really loved the slopes and enjoyed skiing down the mountains with my friends.  

“My highlight of the trip would probably be spending time with my friends. It was amazing sharing all our falls, fails, and successes. The fact that you could go with students from other years made it better. I made many new friends this way, and it was overall very fun. I would also like to mention the amount of work that the teachers put into this trip was tremendous, and I would definitely recommend trying to go on the next Ski Trip.” 

First Year student Nate said, “This was my first trip to Austria, although the fourth time I have been skiing. I was in group three which was the middle group, groups 1&2 were the beginners, group three was intermediate and groups 4&5 were the experts.   

“What made the trip so great is that after a day of skiing and then dinner, we would go off and do other activities such as swimming, a Christmas market, Mafia and table tennis, bowling, ice skating and The Alpine Coaster.” 

First Year Alex said, “The best part of the trip for me was the half pipe. It was the shape of a pipe cut in half and you had to ski down it in u shapes. I remember being really nervous the first time and going up to the icy part of the pipe, but then I became a bit more confident later.

“We spent the first three days on Zel Am See and the next two days on the glacier. I personally liked the first three days more as there were more runs and it had more snow. The weather was perfect as it had snowed a lot before the trip and it was sunny for us. Overall, it was an exciting, unforgettable trip.”

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