We are delighted to share two apprenticeship success stories from amongst our Upper Sixth students. Both Thomas Jakubis and Thomas Merritt have received offers for extremely highly coveted degree apprenticeships.

Thomas Jakubkis has been offered a degree apprenticeship with Ernst & Young, in the field of information technology, and Thomas Merritt a degree apprenticeship with Savills, focused on building surveying.

Thomas J says he’s looking forward to learning skills such as being able to work with clients and learning to be adaptable when things go wrong in high-pressure environments.

“By the end of the degree apprenticeship you also earn a full university degree without the burden of student debt and most employers will even offer a competitive wage to compensate you for your hard work,” he points out, adding, “I heard about degree apprenticeships for the very first time during a presentation lead by Mr Evans … The thought of opting for a degree apprenticeship instead of going to university had never even crossed my mind as I had a preconception that apprenticeships were a ‘second grade option’ when compared to university … My preconceptions could not have been further from the truth.”

Thomas M says that there was something about being fully independent and living by himself in London at a young age that inspired him. He also points out that Savills had 8,000 applicants for only one vacancy. He adds: “If you wish to get into a sector that requires it, such as Medicine, I think university is the route you should go down. However, if you are adamant about the industry you want to get into [and it lends itself to it], then an apprenticeship, in my opinion, is the best route.”

He took Business, Geography and Economics at A-Level. “In Fifth form, when I elected to take these, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do exactly, but in the end these subjects seemed to be very relevant. Call it fate,” he points out, also advising that a back-up plan is vital when applying to degree apprenticeships, which can have a lower admittance rate than the top universities.




"Both of these students deserve a huge pat on the back!"

Mrs Highmore, Head of Careers

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