Cyclone Idai has devasted Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Southern Malawi.

This followed extensive rain in the region during the previous week which had already resulted in loss of life, homes and road infrastructure.

Flooding is wide spread in the lower Shire area of Southern Malawi, just south of where Trinity visit each summer.

Water contamination is a great risk after flooding and can result in disease if water sources are not repaired. Fisherman’s Rest Malawi, whom we work with during our trips, have committed to repair 80 water pumps in the lower Shire area, are helping to rebuild homes which have been destroyed, and will also be supplying maize to orphanages.

At our partner school in Malawi, Chipwepwete, the rain was intensive and caused a temporary classroom to fall over.  The road to the school was impassable during the rains and the nearby river rose to neck height making it impossible to cross.  This has once again highlighted the need to rebuild the bridge across this river at Chipwepwete, which was destroyed in floods in 2015, as over two thirds of the children at Chipwepwete primary cross that river to get to school.

If you would like to contribute to the relief and rebuilding effort in southern Malawi please give through our partner Hope4Malawi. 100% of your donation will be used for relief and rebuilding.

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We are equally aware that Cyclone Idai has caused devastation across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and other areas in Malawi. Another way to give would be to contribute to the coordinated response from the DEC which we will also be supporting at Trinity.

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