This week we saw the closely contested final of the Second Year TED talks.

All boys in the year group have researched and delivered a talk to their form group on a topic of their choice; talks throughout last term ranged from ‘Formula One’ to ‘Crystal Palace Football Club’ and from ‘Guide Dogs’ to ‘The Design of Runways’.

Seven boys were voted the winner of their form, who this week presented to an attentive audience of staff, students and parents. The finalists and their talks were; Samuel Adebajo Gang violence and how to stop it, Quinn Singh Vaping: the facts, figures and what it really means, Amare McDonald Is disability real?, Bolutife Agbongbon Animals capable of complex thought, Pierre Rivet Why do more men than women commit suicide and what can we do to help?, Tobe Nweke The Fermi Paradox and Dominic Coates Artificial intelligence: mankind’s final invention.

All finalists spoke brilliantly and welcomed a range of questions from the floor, which they handled admirably. There can, however, only be one winner, and that is Amare McDonald. In second place was Quinn Singh followed by Dominic Coates in third. Highly commended was Sam Adebajo, with commended performances from Bolutife Agbongbon, Pierre Rivet and Tobe Nweke.

Miss Boorman, Head of Second Year, commented: “This really is the best thing about my job – seeing our young men speak so passionately on a range of topics and sharing their ideas. All the finalists spoke wonderfully, and I am proud of each and every one of them. I now have a new favourite animal (an axolotl) thanks to Tife, see the world of disability completely different thanks to Amare and am completely terrified of both aliens and artificial intelligence thanks to Tobe and Dominic! Well done.”

It’s a pleasure to see the boys presenting on something they feel passionate about and it is no mean feat to stand in front of peers and speak. Well done to all boys who took part, congratulations to all the finalists, and well done to Amare!

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