Recently, we welcomed back alumnus Temi Ladega (Class of 2010) to lead our whole school assembly and discuss the significance of social mobility and inclusion with staff and students 

Since leaving Trinity, Temi has had a successful career in investment banking, and his recent appointment as a Trinity School Governor demonstrates his gratitude to the school for the opportunities afforded to him and his commitment to give back. 

He said, “Trinity holds a special place in the hearts of me and my family.” As a student, Temi felt able to explore all his passions and that included academic, sporting, as a chorister and he also developed a passion for community which has shaped who he is today.  

Temi explained what we mean by social inclusion, “Simply put, social inclusion is all about creating pathways, so that where you’re born and who you’re born to are not the only factors that determine the outcome for an individual, particularly a young person.” 

He talked about how we can create these pathways at school, by providing bursaries to talented students who may not otherwise have had the opportunities to thrive. Could it have been a different story for many? Siya Kolisi, captain of the Springboks, came from one of poorest townships in South Africa but was awarded a scholarship at the top rugby-playing school. That opportunity set him on the path to achieve incredible things at club and international level. 

Temi reminded us about our collective responsibility, and how we all need to ‘recognise privilege where we have it and think about how we can use it to help others’. He challenged our students to drive change, emphasising the impact of small acts of kindness and understanding. Finally, Temi urged everyone to learn about, appreciate, and be inspired by differences within the school community and beyond.   

Our Director of Development, Jason Court, wrote an article following Temi’s visit to the school. He reminds us of the challenges that many young people in Croydon face, and the opportunity that Trinity has to make a difference. Providing bursaries helps not only those individuals and their families, but the whole Trinity community, as we all benefit from a more diverse student population. Please read more here. 

Thank you Temi for speaking so passionately to our students.

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