Through a fantastic collaboration between our Futures (careers), Alumni and STEM teams, we hosted a dedicated STEM Careers Talk for current students at the end of last term, with three alumni as our guest speakers. 

The aim of this event was to inspire students considering STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) degrees and showcase the variety of career paths available after further study. 

We were delighted to welcome three alumni to speak at this event: 

  • Navin Peiris (Class of 1991), Vice President, Model Development – Emerging Risk
  • Areeb Siddiqi (Class of 2012), Process Modelling Engineer at DBD International  
  • Joshua Bernard-Cooper (Class of 2017), a Flight Dynamics Engineer at Eutelsat OneWeb 

Beyond the foundational scientific knowledge gained by pursuing further study in STEM subjects, our speakers highlighted the critical skills that can also be developed, which are valuable across a wide range of industries. These include problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, data analysis, and innovation. 

Our speakers shared their own study and career journeys, and how their different paths within STEM subjects prepared them to succeed in today’s ever-changing workplace. 

Our current students appreciated the tips and advice given by the speakers and valued the opportunity to ask questions about their respective fields. 

They said, “The Q&A was really interesting to listen to and gave a lot of extra information that the speaker didn’t cover in the initial talk.” Another commented, “It was useful to hear how the alumni navigated the path from A Levels to university and then into work, as well as their encouragement on how everything that we do [like co-curricular and community projects] is worth it.” 

At Trinity, we are committed to empowering students to make decisions about their futures by providing resources, guidance, and insights into various professions, industries, and entrepreneurial paths. We are very grateful to alumni who give their time to share their own stories and inspire the next generation. 

Left photo (l-r): Jack Manchester, Head of STEM at Trinity School in Croydon; Areeb Siddiqi; Joshua Bernard-Cooper; Navin Peiris

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