Applying to Trinity

We are an academically selective school, so at each entry point boys and girls are invited to take an exam and have an interview.

Once you have submitted your completed application form and the accompanying application fee for entry at either 10+, 11+ or 13+, the admissions process is as follows:

Entrance examination

Our entrance examinations take place in January.

The following papers are set:

  • English Comprehension and Essay – 1 hour
  • Mathematics – 1 hour
  • Verbal Reasoning test – 1 hour (15 minute practice and 45 minute test)

Look at our Key Dates page for the most up to date timings for entry.  You can also download some sample questions for each paper.


If your son is successful in the entrance examinations, he will be invited to attend a one to one conversation with a member of our teaching staff. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know your son better.  This will take place shortly after the entrance examination and you will be notified by our Admissions Team when a date has been set.

The conversation focuses on their strengths at school, their interests, and any weaknesses which might have emerged in their examination papers. Boys are asked to bring a small sample of their school work, or an object of interest, to act as a starting point for discussion. This could be written work, art, or something made at school or home.


If you have also made a submission for a Music, Drama, Art, Design Technology or Sport scholarship, there will be an additional assessment.  The details for this will be sent to you separately.

Offers of places

We post offers of 10+, 11+ and 13+ places in mid-February.  If you need to hear before this date, perhaps because you have been made an offer by a non-Trinity Group school and are being pressed for a definitive reply, you should contact our Admissions Registrar.  We normally ask for responses for 10+ and 13+ within two weeks.  The 11+ deadline is after state and grammar school offers are posted, so you know all options before making your choice.

Please note that a deposit of £800 is payable on acceptance of a place, which will be retained until your child leaves, when it will be refunded less any balance owing to the School. Please note that we are unable to return your deposit if you do not take up a place.

Find out more on our Key Dates page.