We teach physics to inspire success, enabling our students to achieve above and beyond what even they thought themselves capable.

We encourage active participation in discussions, questions and practical work during lessons. Taking advantage of a well-resourced department, our committed and energetic teachers inspire our students to develop the disposition and competencies of ‘real’ Physicists, as they foster:

  • A curious and inquisitive approach to the world,
  • A productive and resilient approach to their learning, and
  • The capacity for adaptive and logical reasoning.

The Physics Society and Further Physics are enjoyed by many students who want to build on what they have learnt in the classroom.  Further Physics prepares the most academically able and interested students to succeed at a national level, where recently Trinity students have come in the top 50 in the country.

Students also take advantage of STEM activities and competitions, including entry into the Surrey Satro, The UK Space Design Competition and Weizmann Safe Cracking competition.