Through the study of photography students grow creatively and academically through the conception and creation of thought-provoking conceptual art works.  We treat our students as practicing artists that stand to acquire and develop an exciting and transferable skill set.

Students experiment with a broad range of different lens-based techniques and processes to explore the world in which they live, demonstrating independence, flexibility, spontaneity and excitement. We focus on disciplines including photography, film and video, specialist lighting techniques, digital and darkroom experimentation, installation and projections, as well as more traditional disciplines including life drawing, sculpture and printmaking.

All our students’ work is exhibited in our Shaw Gallery for parents, fellow students and guests to enjoy. To supplement our class-based activities we also take students to visit exhibitions in London, as well as abroad, including Venice, Florence, Barcelona, Berlin and Madrid, where students relate their work to that of photographers, artists and designers, from both present and past.