Our PE and Games programme promotes physical health, leadership and teamwork through a broad and balanced curriculum.  Lessons are challenging for all and active throughout.  Every one of our students has the opportunity to find a sport they will enjoy playing once they have left us.

GCSE students are examined on theoretical components to do with Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology and Socio-Cultural aspects of Sport as well as on their ability to perform and analyse sporting activities.

A level students analyse and evaluate how athletes  progress from a starting point to competition level, looking at what may influence how they progress to elite levels. Students are examined on theoretical components and their ability to bring areas of the course together in one physical activity, where their practical skills are backed up by constructive analysis.

As an extension, our exam students and High Performance Athletes enjoy a day at Loughborough University learning more about how an elite athlete trains, alongside physiological testing.

We also work with local schools, with students running sessions for younger pupils, as well as hosting local clubs at our coaching days.

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