There is something for everyone when studying mathematics. With opportunities to solve tricky maths problems in class or simply to practice methods and get really good at the basics, we style our lessons to suit all abilities.

Mathematics is such a varied subject. During your time in school you will get to experience the beauty of algebra, the usefulness of number, be introduced to statistical techniques that will serve you well in future life and employment and learn to think like an applied mathematician, using the mathematics of modelling to describe (on a very simple level!) the world in which you live.

We want to pass on our unwavering enthusiasm for our subject, help you achieve your best and give you the best opportunity to study Mathematics post-16.

Outside of lessons we run co-curricular clubs including Hard Sums and Very Hard Sums,  Paper Geometry and Maths Society.  We also enter hundreds of our students into the UKMT Maths Challenges and are always looking out for opportunities for our students to participate in external competitions and lectures for all ages.