In German lessons our students talk about themselves, their family, and their hobbies from the outset. We also encourage them to explore the new culture by reading about German towns, famous German scientists, inventors or musicians, and aspects of contemporary German news and culture.

By the end of GCSE and A Level, our students are fluent enough to hold a sustained conversation in German, and will have a full and detailed understanding of the history, culture and society of German-speaking countries and the role they play within Europe and the wider world.

Our co-curricular activities, including inter-form quizzes, competitions and celebrations of cultural events and festivals, allow students to learn more about many of the interesting facets of German culture. This is further encouraged during our annual exchange to Bonn which has been established for many years. Students stay with local families, and rapidly see their language levels improve, both in terms of what they can understand but also what they can confidently express themselves. In the Sixth Form we also run a study visit to Dresden, Weimar and Berlin, where students experience what life was like in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down.

Learning in the classroom is supplemented by trips to see films and plays (either in German, with subtitles or in translation) at venues such as the BFI, Goethe Institute, the Almeida or Royal Court theatres. All of this allows them to become more internationally and culturally aware which will help them in their lives after Trinity.