In Drama, everyone’s contribution is significant and valued.

In lessons we encourage our students to explore about and through drama and develop ideas within a supportive and creative environment.  Lessons are collaborative, so that students achieve a better understanding of themselves and others and improve life skills in teamwork and creative thinking. Together, we experiment with ideas and shape them through collaborative decisions, setting ourselves goals and achieving them through concentration, cooperation and creativity.

Students are given opportunity to experience lessons in our wonderful performance spaces, which include the Mitre Theatre and Drama Studio, they are both supplied with modern stage equipment where students are trained not only as actors but on how to utilise technical equipment and to learn about drama both on and off stage.

Beyond the classroom, the Drama department is thriving and busy place, putting on three productions during the year, encompassing all students across all age groups within the School. We allow students to have a showcase event, demonstrating to their parents in performance what they have achieved in the term.  Opportunities are given for regular trips to the theatre, supplementing and supporting schemes of work and allowing students to critically analyse productions in preparation for the upper years.

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