Learning classical languages, including Latin and Classical Greek, provides the key to unlocking the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

With several different cultures found within a small geographical area, each made up of military alliances and conflicts, cultural differences and political ideals, it is a fascinating topic that is brought to life through learning the language.

Our teaching of Latin and Classical Greek is inclusive and interactive. Using technology-based class activities and unseen translations, lessons evolve into discussions that investigate these fascinating classical cultures.

Latin is compulsory in First Year.  As well as learning about Vesuvius, gladiators and daily life in Pompeii, the subject provides a solid grounding for other subjects as we cover linguistic competence, analytical scrutiny and cultural awareness.

We also offer Classical Greek up to A Level for those keen to explore the ancient worlds further. Both GCSE and A Level focus on linguistic competence, an ability to decipher and learn from ancient sources, and an appreciation of Greek tragedy or key military events through selected prepared passages.