In Chemistry, our students develop an understanding of the material world around them.

We blend innovative, exciting and thought-provoking practical work, such as using datalogging, with key principles of chemistry, so that our students understand the relevance of chemistry in today’s world.

Beyond the laboratory, the study of Chemistry allows our students to employ other, transferable skills, such as understanding abstract concepts, analysing data, problem solving, manipulating mathematical figures, learning content and expressing answers in a logical manner.

Outside the classroom, we have a thriving Junior School Chemistry Club, where many students the chance to explore the possibilities of Chemistry outside the curriculum.

Every year our students also take the opportunity to enter national competitions, including Salters Chemistry Competition, Top of the Bench, Nuffield Analytical Chemistry Competition, Chemistry Olympiad and the Cambridge Chemistry challenge.  The well-attended Sixth Form Medical Society and Chemistry Society also confirm the popularity of Medicine and physical science with our students.