We are very hands on in Biology, and usually that means getting them dirty! From dissecting hearts to cloning cauliflowers, students of all ages will get first-hand experience of using the latest scientific techniques.

Each pupil uses their own microscope to learn about different cells, tissues and organs from various organisms.  We explore the world of micro-organisms by growing (and then killing) bacteria on agar plates; yeast is used to make alcohol; mushrooms are grown and yoghurt is made and then eaten.

We use aerogardens to grow herbs to investigate the science of food farming and use propagation tanks to clone plants from all sorts of cuttings. Sensors of all kinds are coupled with data-logging software to measure and record rates of physiological processes in plants and animals.

Each year group takes part in a National competition every year including the British Biology Olympiad – where we have recently won a gold medal! Our Wildlife Club plant gardens to attract pollinators – helping to fulfil our department ethos “Bee Kind”. Our friendly staff really do believe in Biology for life.