Education is about more than what happens in the classroom; it is about developing into the very best person you can be.

Education should take account of the inter-relationship between academic, intellectual, social, personal and emotional qualities. What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside, and both influence each other.

Our Lower School Award is unique, bespoke to each student, and designed to incorporate of all the opportunities they have ahead of them when they join us. It is an opportunity for them to drive their broader education, record the aspects of their time here that happen outside lessons, and is a place to reflect on the personal attributes and qualities they want to develop to make them more rounded.

Throughout our students’ time at Trinity they will learn about themselves, their community, other people and the world in several ways.  A lot of this will take place in lessons; however, a lot of it will also happen outside the classroom.

Our students will plan the team ahead, identify opportunities, spot gaps and then reflect on what has happened and what they have learnt, working towards a Diploma Certificate at the end of the Second Year.



The core of the programme describes the key personal attributes students will develop as they move through the school. Engaging fully in this programme will help them develop passionate curiosity; a love of learning beyond just learning for exams and grades. They will also develop a sense of responsibility; to themselves, their community and to others. Students develop leadership skills and build resilience; the ability to learn from mistakes, to set goals and work towards them and overcome setbacks.


Through working with others, you learn how to collaborate. Essential skills such as leadership, negotiation, listening, compromise and empathy are all products of experiences where you work as part of a team.

Academic Discovery

A love of learning for its’ own sake is a gift. Seeking mental challenge of your own, learning new things, stretching yourself, without an extrinsic motivation such as an exam result, will ensure you continue to learn for the sake of learning.

Physical Challenge

Understanding your body is more than just ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, it is about connecting the mental toughness needed to overcome challenges with your physical ability. Being able to commit yourself to a sport, challenge or challenge is essential for good physical – and mental – health.


Creativity can take many forms but at its’ heart, creativity involves making; whether an artwork, music, poetry, drama, through creating you nurture the human skill of producing something beautiful from other things or ideas. Being creative isn’t restricted to the arts, all of us need to be able to be creative at times.


Trinity is more than a school, we are a community and we care about the wider community we exist in. Recognising our role in the community, and our ability to make changes for the benefit of others, is important.

Our Lower School Award runs through the six terms of a student’s first and second years.

During their journey through this programme, they will set goals at the start of each term and reflect on these throughout. These reflections should inform the choices they make about the next stage of the programme, and it is the reflections that will determine what they get out of it.

In order to achieve the certificate, they will need to complete three complete commitments in all of the components. What defines a ‘commitment’ will vary. Guidance is given, but the significance of each commitment varies between individuals, so this should always be agreed with their tutor.

Students who achieve 80% in terms of their commitment to the programme (which would mean 24 complete out of a possible 30) will be awarded a distinction.