A group of Trinity Mathematicians recently took part in a Hans Woyda team match against Woldingham School.

Hans Woyda is a challenging Mathematics competition in which each team consists of four players: One from Years 7-9, one from Years 10-11, one in Year 12 and one in Year 13. Students compete both individually and in teams – answering questions on geometry, algebra, calculus and mental arithmetic.

Mr Barlow reports on our students’ performances: “There is nothing like some seriously hard mathematics to get blood flowing through the veins on a cold winter’s evening,” he says.

“Having started the individual round evenly matched, we began to pull ahead in the later questions, only for both teams to come to a grinding halt on the fiendish geometry round. Mental arithmetic and probability proved to be good for us as we ‘stole’ a few points where Woldingham had stumbled.

“Despite Varun’s tactical leadership, we were trounced in the team round – perhaps trying to be too clever where quick work and patience would have paid off.  We increased our lead in the race at the end, focussing on the rotational symmetry of solids in space, leaving us with a comfortable victory of 32 points to their 18.”

Many congratulations to our team of Varun Ravikumar, James Burn, Zain Lam and Joshua Oyabayo!




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