Some orchestra friends of mine first told me about Trinity and I decided to come to   Open Evening. I remember being really impressed that I was escorted by prefects and looked after throughout the evening. I liked the fact that it was a big school and everyone was really friendly. When I was offered a scholarship I didn’t hesitate to accept, especially given the facilities – the pool and the grounds really appealed to me. The massive music department was also a big pull.

I remember being hugely over-excited when I started! My first day at Trinity was for an orchestra rehearsal before lessons had even started and I thought how nice the older students were. A really good feature of the School is the all girls’ tutor groups where I have established a key group of friends. The work was initially quite difficult but I also loved the challenge. The Music department had warned me that it would be quite tough and I do seem to have spent nearly all my time in Music. I really love all my subjects, however, and because they are quite diverse I have enjoyed very interesting and varied days.

I’ve managed to go to the gym quite a lot because my friends and I have motivated each other but I can’t believe that I still haven’t been to the pool!! I used to think of myself as a swimmer but music took over… The Music department is my favourite department in the whole world! I am going to miss them all so much. When I arrived, I had no fixed idea about what I would study at university and coming to Trinity has really made me realise that music was absolutely what I wanted to do. I also attended the Trinity Music Academy on a Saturday morning and basically it is the equivalent of attending a music conservatoire which has hugely enriched my performance skills. The competition is intense but that is what I love and it makes me want to practise more.

My advice would be to get stuck into lots of extra-curricular activities. Spending time with pupils from younger years and older years is a great way of putting things into perspective, particularly in times of stress, for example during exams.

If you are hesitating about Trinity you need to know that there is an incredibly strong network of girls, because there aren’t that many of us! And the other thing you need to know is that you will always get support from the staff. I really trust that my teachers know what they’re doing. Trinity has made me escape from my bubble and enter the real world.