Meet Lucy Metcalf

My brother came to Trinity and had a really good experience, so considering Trinity for my Sixth Form was a natural option for me. When I came to Open Evening, it confirmed all my brother had told me about the opportunities and experiences that he’d had in the Sixth Form, which was the highlight of his school life.

When I joined, I found it really easy to get to know the other girls, particularly because of the all-girl tutor groups which help everyone to bond very quickly. Once lessons had been going for a few weeks, it felt very natural and normal to be mixing with the boys and it didn’t feel as though we were in a boys’ school anymore. To be honest I thought it would be more of a shock than it was, as I came from an all girls’ school; in fact, it was absolutely fine.

At Trinity I have particularly enjoyed the sport. I was sporty at my old school, but at Trinity I have really had a lot of fun as well. I think that’s because there is so much emphasis on everyone getting involved. I would advise all girls to try new activities, whether it’s music, art or sport. It’s a great way to make friends. I was in the Netball and Hockey 1st teams and this meant I got to know the girls in the year above. You can ask them any questions you have about settling in and about U6 activities such as applying to university.

Academically, all departments are very supportive. My top tip would be to show an interest early on in a particular subject. The teachers will really push and encourage you to extend your knowledge beyond the curriculum and that’s invaluable for when you come to writing your personal statement! I did that with Economics and I was given lots of opportunities: for example, I took part in the Target 2.0 competition run by the Bank of England, when a group of four of us had to pitch reasons for how we would set the base rate to a panel of specialists.

My most challenging time was completing my UCAS application at the start of Upper Sixth, which took a lot of work, but we all received plenty of support and it was good that we had everything sorted out early on in the year.

My best experience was the Morocco trip run by the Geography Department; it’s the best trip I’ve ever been on. We did things that I would never have done on a family trip. I loved climbing sand dunes, riding a camel and walking in a gorge. We went at Easter in the Lower Sixth and it was a great time to go; the trip really helped to cement our friendships.

Trinity School has definitely been a great choice. I only wish I could do an extra year – with no work though, just the people!!