Meet Sebastian Elliott

 I started at Trinity in 2007 as a J-Bug (Year 6 pupil) from Gordon Primary.  My first impression was that of a very busy school with loads of activities. My tutor, Mr Mazur, encouraged me to take part in clubs straightaway and, as I played the cello, to immerse myself into music. I began piano lessons when I started at Trinity and now it has become my main instrument. I also took up the bassoon in the First Form. Music here is phenomenal. I have been encouraged and supported all the way with so many opportunities to perform that I have lost count. Music is very important to me but I like all aspects of school. 

When I was in the Fifth Form I applied to other schools like St Olave’s, Eltham and Westminster because I wanted a bit of a change. In fact, I decided to stay and I am glad! The Sixth Form has revitalised my experience of school. It has offered me new challenges and a fresh perspective, in particularly a different view on work. It’s all about understanding why you work, what it does for you and how you learn. My attitude to learning has changed; I feel much more in charge and much more independent. I feel we are already preparing for university; taking part in Lit Soc and Maths Society has given me a taste for high level thinking and personal research. Community Action has been good too, contrary to popular belief! I did gardening for local residents who can no longer do it and it was a really good way to get to know people.

The best thing about Trinity is that it is simultaneously challenging and exciting as well as friendly and supportive.